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Shred / Dice/ Cubes and Shavings

Example of Shredded/Cubed Cheese Use of Shredded/Cubed Cheese in Pizza

Bandon Vale offers an extensive selection of shredded products, ranging from cheddars to custom blends and mixes, and fine grates to long shred premiums. The standard packing design is 5*2kg per case but can vary to customer’s requirements from 200g to 5kg. The following are some of the more popular choices perfect for fresh salads, pizza toppings, readymade meals and sandwiches...

Shredded Colour Cheddar/ Shredded White Cheddar/ Shredded Low-Fat Cheddars/ Shredded Cheese/ Shredded Mozzarella/ Shredded Monterrey Jack/ Shredded Emmental/ Shredded Mixes (Pizza Cheese/ Mexican Mix).

Alternative options include the above in Diced, Cubed and Shaved formats. Shredded, Cubed, Diced, and Shaved products are pillow packed and gas flushed with six week shelf life in chilled storage and available in clear, blue or branded packaging.


Example of Deli Block

A broad range of blocks are also provided by Bandon Vale. Blocks are cut to request but some of the main options include 2kg, 2.5kg, 3.33kg, 4.5kg, 5kg and 20kg. Deli-blocks are offered in Cheddars, Regatto, Emmental, and Mozzarella, ideal for deli-counters and slicing. Blocks are vacuum packed with a two month shelf life in chilled storage and can on request be shrinked to enhance appearance and available in clear, blue or branded packaging.

2.5kg dimension 280*90*90mm

5kg dimension 360*150*90mm


Usage of Sliced Cheese

The catering slices are packed in convenient shingled clear 1kg trays. Each individual slice weighs 20g but on request can weigh up to 50g perfect for deli-counters, burgers, or a ploughman’s! Popular choices for 1kg slice include Cheddar, Low-fat Cheddar, Emmental and Mozzarella. Catering slices are gas flushed with six week shelf life in chilled storage.

20g Slice dimension 90*90mm

Alternative dimension 150*90mm

Product Range · Retail


Example of BV Speciality Packs Use of BV Speciality Packs

Currently Bandon Vale operates two dedicated state-of the art production lines to pre-packed retail block. Selections are available to suit the customer’s requirements but some established cutting options include 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 450g, 500g, 600g, 800g and 2.5kg. Packaging for the retail pre-packs are predominately branded - parchments (white or black) with label, pre-printed films, or a repeat logo effect. Clear packaging is also available. A wide variety of cheeses are available for pre-packing at varying levels of maturity.

Packs are flow wrapped, and can offer up to six months shelf life in chilled storage.


Use of Grated Cheese

Retail grated cheese is a growing product in the convenience food sector. Bandon Vale offer retail grate in 200g- 500g packs. These packs are branded free-standing pouches; gas flushed and can offer 70 days shelf-life in chilled storage. Straight cheddars are commonly sought in this format but blends are also optional.


Example of Slice Retail Pack

Retail slices are available in shingled or stacked format and are perfect for sandwiches, crackers or luches. Packaging formats are available in clear or pre-printed packaging with label or pre-printed information.. Pack size formats vary from 100g -500g, are gas flushed and packed with up to 16 weeks shelf life in chilled storage. Slice sizes are also offered in:

  • 20g Slice dimension 90*90mm
  • Alternative longer dimension 150*90mm
  • Alternative shorter dimension

BV Speciality Packs

Example of BV Speciality Packs

Bandon Vale carefully source and hand pack specialty branded waxed cheese for the hamper and specialty market. The main packing formats include large waxed, 200g waxed, 250g pre-pack, under three Bandon Vale brands. Vintage: a mature cheese with a rich nutty flavour, Murragh: a full flavoured Irish cheddar and Glandór: a mellow flavoured Red Leicester.